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The Nik and the Nice Guys band was formed by a group of Canadian hockey players at St. Lawrence University that included National Hockey League coach Mike Keenan and present day Nik manager Gary Webb. That St. Lawrence University "college band" wrote the book on audience participation. The group disbanded upon graduation but re-formed in the 80's when Keenan became coach of the Rochester Americans.

Originally the recreated Nik was a means for day-time business professionals to become night-time party animals raising funds for charity. However, thanks to Super Bowl bookings, former Burlington, Ontario resident Webb turned the band's continued success into a full-time touring and recording operation.

Nik played a significant historical role in changing the entertainment dynamics of Super Bowls.

In the late 80's, NFL Properties experimented with live rock music at the world's largest annual media event. This was in stark contrast to the string-based orchestras and "safe" variety acts like Up With People. NFL executive Maureen Rosen took a huge career risk and hired an unknown crazy rock/pop band called Nik and the Nice Guys.

The success of Rosen's experiment and off the wall Nik performances paved the way for MTV and live pop music to become an integral part of every Super Bowl.

Nik continued to play high profile events and ended up on weekly TV in the 90's as the house band for ESPN's "The Lighter Side of Sports" and NBC's syndicated series "Bob Uecker Sports Show." Reruns of these shows played like crazy all over the world and Nik hit the road touring in Europe, The Cayman Islands, Japan, Mexico - everywhere!

In the 90's, due to booking demand, Nik and the Nice Guys spun off a number of completely separate NICHE-ACT SHOWBANDS much the way TV sitcoms spin off other shows. Nik Entertainment Co. was formed to manage these acts.

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